Polish Pusher

I used to have the greatest app for tracking my polishes. It was simply called Inventory. I can’t find it on the app store anymore. I found one that is called My Nail Polish Rack. But it’s not intuitive to use. So far I’ve only got three polishes into my database. The struggle continues…

I did paint my nails this week though. It’s Sally Hansen Lustre Shine in Scarab. It’s one of my favorite polishes of all time. A deep emerald teal with gold microflake. In the bottle it looks like a green/gold duochrome but on the nail it looks like a deep teal metallic. It looks just like the teal flash in my labradorite ring.

I’ve not posted for several years. In the meantime so many things have changed. I’m no longer married. It’s affected my life tremendously. The end of my marriage was quite abrupt & violent. It left me in a very dark small place, where I was afraid to be myself any more. I stopped caring how I looked. I stopped doing my nails. I stopped even looking at my polish collection. Everyday has been a struggle to survive my thoughts.

What happened? How could I have prevented it? But I couldn’t, it was not my fault. I am finally accepting that.

I want to get back to me. The things that bring me joy. The things I value. Sampson is by my side as always, and now has a bossy little sister Bonny. They have kept me anchored & alive when I didn’t know why I was still here.

I have been trying to focus on self care. I have been trying to overcome some of the big challenges of PTSD & Bipolar disorder.

You will see more of me to come. Mental health & make up. Pibbles & polish. Self-care & sequins.

Love to all-


Your Polish Pusher

I am still here. Life has been entirely chaotic but I move forward. There are many changes in my life but my constant is polish. I have not forgotten myself completely. The no-buy stretched for months with an occasional relapse. My collection has grown but only by a couple dozen polishes in the last…oh, seven months. I have 252 at last count. I am going to renew my blog motivation & begin posting these gems weekly. If you’re still out there dear readers I thank you for your support and patience.


This is a post i started almost a year ago. My life has been- chaotic doesn’t begin to explain it. More to come…

My dear followers- I have not forsaken you. The no-buy has been partially successful. I made one buy in the last month out of necessitiy…well ok mostly envy. Wallgeens has the Disney Villains collection by ELF for a short time. I got to see & swatch a few of them at my friend Lara’s a few weeks ago. There in that very collection was my perfect nude polish. I had to have it! So I tracked down a store thst was carrying it and laid my money down. Whew…

The no-buy had been broken, but for a 12 polish collection that only cost $10. A deal!

Plus when my homegirl Cheryl’s birthday party came up unexpectedly that friday I had some extras that I could give to her!

I wll post swatches of this fantastic collection assp.

But now for my nsils au naturale…


They are stained from blue & green polish but are gowing nicely. Tonight I gave my cuticles some much needed attention with a Blue Cross treatment. For those who don’t know, Blue Cross is a thin lotion-y type product that you put on & rinse off after a few minutes. It softens cuticles & removes dead skin. It also works miracles on rough feet & elbows. You can get a bottle at Sally ‘s for $4 snd it will last for months.

My name is Amy, and I’m a polishoholic. Today I added item muber 230 to my inventory. That’s including adhesive type stuff like Minx and glitter nail dress. Holy shit. That surprises even me.

Saturday was the last day of the Walgreen’s 2/$3 Sinful Colors sale. And thoigh I had declared a no buy, I broke down and grabbed two from SC Leather Collection.

Strapped is a dark teal with a matte finish.

Leather Loose is a brown with copper glitter and

matte finish. It definitely takes two thickish coats to get the true color for this one. But its worth the dry time!

The way I’ve found to be the best for me is an app on my phone called Inventory. Its a free app from Google play that you also download a barcode scanner with. In the app you can scan in the barcode from your bottle of polish and it will search for info. Most of the time it will load name, brand, manufacturer and a pic. Not always, sometimes you have to enter info manually.  But there are plenty of spaces to make notes on color & finish,  and add your own pics.

I also use swatch wheels from Sallys Beauty Supply. I have filled a bunch of them, and my collection has grown. I think I may need to reorganize and redo them.

Let me know how you keep your collection organized! Here is a link to the inventory app. If you try it share your thoughts!

Inventory – Android Apps on Google Play



I love sinful colors. I love when they’re on sale! Walgreens has them on sale right now 2 for $3…WOOHOO! I found a couple yesterday that I didn’t have yet 🙂

Beau Brique, a brick red orange cream.

Soul Mate, a muted mauve cream.

I know most nail bloggers are over Chanel Peridot, with it’s many dupes and almost-but-not-quite-dupes. But as green is my signature color, lol, I have been on the hunt. Until yesterday, when upon walking into a Sally’s Beauty Supply I don’t normally frequent, there it was a bottle of China Glaze Rare and Radiant! My most lusted after lemming, other than Peridot itself. I snagged the bottle and another package of swatch wheels and ran before temptation reared its ugly head again.

I am serious about a no-buy until our finances get sorted…ugh, I digress. In inventory-ing my collection I have over 200 nail products, buuuutttt… I will probably get a couple more sinful colors at Walgreen’s before their 2/$3 sale is over at the end of August.

But back to R&R…
Terrible pics…but I will try to remedu thay soon.

Note: not R&R on my thumb in pic ;p

Today Sampson learned “Speak!” I’m so proud! This brings his repertoire if commands up to… well let me make a list:

Other paw
Sit up pretty
Leave it
Take it
Stay with Momma

The most effective training treats I’ve found for him are Milk Bone Marrow Treats & Lil Debbie Oatmeal Creme Pies.