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I got a message today from WordPress. It said happy anniversary, I set up this blog one year ago. Now, my first post was just the other day. This gives me insight into myself & my procrastination, or thought process. I often ask myself why I procrastinate. To avoid a task, because I don’t have enough money, because I’m afraid. Or is it that I have to process information at a rate that seems like I’m not thinking about it. There are goals that I have for myself, but they’re scary. I’ve missed deadlines & opportunities because of procrastination.  Maybe I just needed to figure this out.

I’ve been collecting neon polish since the beginning of the summer. I love them, but hadn’t found a yellow that I liked. Today I found Revlon nail art neon, in Neon Light on clearance at target for $3.24. Half price, yes please! It’s really two polishes in one, as it includes a white polish to use under the neon light to help it POP!


The top swatch is with the white basecoat & the lower is with out (the color on bottom is Let’s Meetfrom Sinful Colors).


Yellow wheel with Revlon Neon Light

Counter clockwise from left colors are listed below:

Neon Lights (REV) +white base coat
Neon Lights (REV)
Let’s Meet (SC)
Pull Over (SC)
Bananappeal (SC)
Mellow Yellow (SC)
Electric (REV)
Unicorn (SC)

No matter what we do or say, we have no control over other’s emotions or actions. Acceptance is the only thing we can strive towards. Acceptance of self is first and foremost though. Without acceptance and forgiveness of our selves you cannot give those gifts to your loved ones. If someone in your life is witholding these gifts from you they are in need of them. 

I just need to talk about my dog for a minute. He is the most amazing dog ever. I know all mamas think that about their babies but I fucking love Sampson. He gives great hugs, has a pretty large vocabulary and loves to make us laugh.

Sir Sampson Spradley

Sir Sampson Spradley

I’m so glad we adopted him at Stray Rescue. Some of the dogs they rescue have been abused, and they do post exposé pics, so*obligatory trigger warning here* They are amazing and always have awesome dogs to adopt. As soon as I figure out this blogging thing I will post a link to their website.

Expect Miracles they do happen.

Today I’ve swatched all of my glitter polishes. There are micro, jelly, holo, flakies…so much GLITTER! the first wheel is neutral & metallic.  The second wheel is colored glitters & jelly formulas. I will list colors clockwise from top.


Wheel 1:

Sassy Sparkle (LA)
Luxe & Lush (CG)
Spotlight (SH)
Glitter Bomb (LA)
Ice Queen (SH)
Fairy Dust (CG)
Angel Wings (CG)
Shining Star (ORLY)
Gold Glitter (SG) UNKOWN NAME
Twinkle Lights (CG)
Franken Glitter
It’s Complicated (ICE)
Make Me a Birthday Flake (KISS)
Jawbreaker (FP5B)
Sugar Rush (HC)
Tonight’s Gonna Be a Good Night (WNW)
Androgenie (ORLY)
Crush on Lava(HC)


Wheel 2:
Red Carpet (SH)
Ruby Pumps(CG)
Pinky Glitter(SC)
Rockstar Pink (SH)
In Love (SG)
Circus (SG)
Oui (ORLY)
Blue Sparrow (CG)
Treasure Island (LA)
Call You Later (SC)
Mermaid Curves (WNW)
Kissy (SC)
Blue Want to be a Millionare (WNW)
Jewel Tone (LA)
Purple Pizazz (SH)
Night Prowl (WNW)
Lubu Heels (CG)

Here goes. Insomnia. Nail Polish. Pibbles. Mental Health. Art. Pop & Geek Culture. But mostly nail polish. Hope you enjoy..