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How I keep track of my Polish!

Posted on: August 21, 2013

The way I’ve found to be the best for me is an app on my phone called Inventory. Its a free app from Google play that you also download a barcode scanner with. In the app you can scan in the barcode from your bottle of polish and it will search for info. Most of the time it will load name, brand, manufacturer and a pic. Not always, sometimes you have to enter info manually.  But there are plenty of spaces to make notes on color & finish,  and add your own pics.

I also use swatch wheels from Sallys Beauty Supply. I have filled a bunch of them, and my collection has grown. I think I may need to reorganize and redo them.

Let me know how you keep your collection organized! Here is a link to the inventory app. If you try it share your thoughts!

Inventory – Android Apps on Google Play


1 Response to "How I keep track of my Polish!"

I’m reading this 5 years & 3 phones later wishing I could find that app. I wish I had noted the developer or something. I need to re-inventory everything and this was the best app. Sigh.

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