Polish Pusher

No-buy & Natural nails

Posted on: October 27, 2013

My dear followers- I have not forsaken you. The no-buy has been partially successful. I made one buy in the last month out of necessitiy…well ok mostly envy. Wallgeens has the Disney Villains collection by ELF for a short time. I got to see & swatch a few of them at my friend Lara’s a few weeks ago. There in that very collection was my perfect nude polish. I had to have it! So I tracked down a store thst was carrying it and laid my money down. Whew…

The no-buy had been broken, but for a 12 polish collection that only cost $10. A deal!

Plus when my homegirl Cheryl’s birthday party came up unexpectedly that friday I had some extras that I could give to her!

I wll post swatches of this fantastic collection assp.

But now for my nsils au naturale…


They are stained from blue & green polish but are gowing nicely. Tonight I gave my cuticles some much needed attention with a Blue Cross treatment. For those who don’t know, Blue Cross is a thin lotion-y type product that you put on & rinse off after a few minutes. It softens cuticles & removes dead skin. It also works miracles on rough feet & elbows. You can get a bottle at Sally ‘s for $4 snd it will last for months.

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