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Saturday was the last day of the Walgreen’s 2/$3 Sinful Colors sale. And thoigh I had declared a no buy, I broke down and grabbed two from SC Leather Collection.

Strapped is a dark teal with a matte finish.

Leather Loose is a brown with copper glitter and

matte finish. It definitely takes two thickish coats to get the true color for this one. But its worth the dry time!

The way I’ve found to be the best for me is an app on my phone called Inventory. Its a free app from Google play that you also download a barcode scanner with. In the app you can scan in the barcode from your bottle of polish and it will search for info. Most of the time it will load name, brand, manufacturer and a pic. Not always, sometimes you have to enter info manually.  But there are plenty of spaces to make notes on color & finish,  and add your own pics.

I also use swatch wheels from Sallys Beauty Supply. I have filled a bunch of them, and my collection has grown. I think I may need to reorganize and redo them.

Let me know how you keep your collection organized! Here is a link to the inventory app. If you try it share your thoughts!

Inventory – Android Apps on Google Play



I love sinful colors. I love when they’re on sale! Walgreens has them on sale right now 2 for $3…WOOHOO! I found a couple yesterday that I didn’t have yet 🙂

Beau Brique, a brick red orange cream.

Soul Mate, a muted mauve cream.

I know most nail bloggers are over Chanel Peridot, with it’s many dupes and almost-but-not-quite-dupes. But as green is my signature color, lol, I have been on the hunt. Until yesterday, when upon walking into a Sally’s Beauty Supply I don’t normally frequent, there it was a bottle of China Glaze Rare and Radiant! My most lusted after lemming, other than Peridot itself. I snagged the bottle and another package of swatch wheels and ran before temptation reared its ugly head again.

I am serious about a no-buy until our finances get sorted…ugh, I digress. In inventory-ing my collection I have over 200 nail products, buuuutttt… I will probably get a couple more sinful colors at Walgreen’s before their 2/$3 sale is over at the end of August.

But back to R&R…
Terrible pics…but I will try to remedu thay soon.

Note: not R&R on my thumb in pic ;p


The polish featured in todays mani is Coconut by Fresh Paint.  I found this brand at 5 Below, a discount store where everything is less than $5 (get it?) From swatches I’ve drooled over online, this looks to be a close match to Lime Crime’s Milky Way. I don’t own it so I can’t do a comparison swatch. Coconut is a super pale peachy off white, almost the color of toasted coconut. This polish has some issues though, apllication is patchy and took three coats. But at 3 for $5 it satisfies my lust for Milky Way! What do you think? Do you love cheap polish like I do?

PS pardon my cuticles on my middle finger, I was testing pearly top coat at walgreens!

I’ve been collecting neon polish since the beginning of the summer. I love them, but hadn’t found a yellow that I liked. Today I found Revlon nail art neon, in Neon Light on clearance at target for $3.24. Half price, yes please! It’s really two polishes in one, as it includes a white polish to use under the neon light to help it POP!


The top swatch is with the white basecoat & the lower is with out (the color on bottom is Let’s Meetfrom Sinful Colors).


Yellow wheel with Revlon Neon Light

Counter clockwise from left colors are listed below:

Neon Lights (REV) +white base coat
Neon Lights (REV)
Let’s Meet (SC)
Pull Over (SC)
Bananappeal (SC)
Mellow Yellow (SC)
Electric (REV)
Unicorn (SC)

Today I’ve swatched all of my glitter polishes. There are micro, jelly, holo, flakies…so much GLITTER! the first wheel is neutral & metallic.  The second wheel is colored glitters & jelly formulas. I will list colors clockwise from top.


Wheel 1:

Sassy Sparkle (LA)
Luxe & Lush (CG)
Spotlight (SH)
Glitter Bomb (LA)
Ice Queen (SH)
Fairy Dust (CG)
Angel Wings (CG)
Shining Star (ORLY)
Gold Glitter (SG) UNKOWN NAME
Twinkle Lights (CG)
Franken Glitter
It’s Complicated (ICE)
Make Me a Birthday Flake (KISS)
Jawbreaker (FP5B)
Sugar Rush (HC)
Tonight’s Gonna Be a Good Night (WNW)
Androgenie (ORLY)
Crush on Lava(HC)


Wheel 2:
Red Carpet (SH)
Ruby Pumps(CG)
Pinky Glitter(SC)
Rockstar Pink (SH)
In Love (SG)
Circus (SG)
Oui (ORLY)
Blue Sparrow (CG)
Treasure Island (LA)
Call You Later (SC)
Mermaid Curves (WNW)
Kissy (SC)
Blue Want to be a Millionare (WNW)
Jewel Tone (LA)
Purple Pizazz (SH)
Night Prowl (WNW)
Lubu Heels (CG)